Download – Digitally Signed 7/12 and Property Card

What is a DigitalSatbara Portal?

DigitalSatbara Portal managed by the revenue department of Maharashtra. This Portal Provides Digital Signed 7/12 and Property Card. Citizens can Download it from DigitalSatbara Portal.

New WebsiteDigitalSatbara
Portal forDigitally Signed 7/12 and
Property Card
Launched byGovernment of Maharashtra
Managed byRevenue Department of
  • डिजिटल स्वाक्षरीतील ७/१२ हा फक्त काही निवडक शहरांसाठी उपलब्ध आहे.

(जर तुमच्या शहरासाठी डिजिटल स्वाक्षरीतील ७/१२ उपलब्ध नसेल तर विना स्वाक्षरीतील ७/१२ रयावर तुम्ही तलाठी स्वाक्षरी व शिक्का घेऊन कोणत्याही शासकीय अथवा कायदेशीर
बाबींसाठी वापरू शकता.)

  • Digitally signed 7/12 available only for selected cities.

(If Digitally signed 7/12 is not available for your city then you can request to Talathi for signature and stamp on without signed 7/12. After that you can Use this 7/12 for any official and legal purpose.

Notes –

  • You have to Recharge your account before you download your digitally signed 7/12.
  • Rs 15 will be charged for every 7/12 you download. This amount will be deducted from the available balance.

Procedure to Download Digitally Signed 7/12

Step 1 – Visit Official Website –

Firstly you have to visit the official site of DigitalSatbara Portal from where you can Download your Digitally signed 7/12 and Property Card.

Homepage of DigitalSatbara

Step 2 – Registration –

Registration is mandatory to Download your Digitally signed 7/12 and Property Card. Register yourself by giving the following details.

  • Personal Information
  • Address Information
  • Login Information

Step 3 – Login –

After successfully Registration Login yourself by using a Username and Password that you have created at the time of registration.

Step 4 -Enter Land Details –

Now you have to Enter the details of your land where is your land is located Select District, Taluka, Survey Number, and Gata Number.

Enter Land Details

Step 5 – Download Satbara –

After entering the land details the Download option will be available on your screen. Click on the Download button and the website will say you Rs.15 will be deducted from your available balance for satbara download. Now Click on the OK button and you will get your Digitally signed 7/12 in a pdf file.

Download Digitally Signed 7/12

Visit the official site

सूचना – डिजिटल स्वाक्षरीतील ७/१२ आणि प्रॉपर्टी कार्ड सर्व शासकीय व कायदेशीर बाबींसाठी वापरता येईल.

Notice – You can Use Digitally Signed 7/12 and Property Card for any Legal and Official Purpose.

Watch the following Video Tutorial for step by step guide